Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gaining Perspective Through Humor...

This isn't a super serious post, but I have a lot on my metaphorical  plate at present.  I'll post something informative and fun on Tuesday, I think.  But I did want to share something very nice that might make the reader smile.

I think everyone remembers the "Honeybadger Don't Care" craze, starting from the original decidedly non-PC video, which was actually based on a very cool National Geographic video about the African ratel.  When I was being considered for tenure in 2010-2011, my honestly quite wonderful wife Jennifer Quinn sent me a link to that video, and urged me to be like the honeybadger.  In some ways (without all the cobra eating and snarling), it was good advice.  She and I made and wore wristbands that read WWHBD? and it really helped me through that challenging time.

Yes, I truly did marry "up."

Anyway, there are a number of challenges facing me now, and it was making me sad and worried.  So my very talented wife put this piece of art together:

Note her very cool signature in the lower right of the image.

So the real question of the day is simple:  What should Microbiologist Honeybadger not care about?

This particular microbiologist honeybadger cares about family, friends, students, and research.  I'll focus on the job, and the positives.  Most of all,  I will smile a little more and worry a little less, thinking about this particular lab bench, and the toothy mascot depicted there.

Microbiologist honeybadger is my homeboy, and he has my back!  Maybe he can be a mascot for you, too!


  1. Microbiologist honey badger should not care about what is received wisdom in the field. Honey badger keeps an open mind - tho not so often that his brain falls out!

  2. Well, I hope that microbiological honeybadger doesn't treat others the way a real honeybadger treats a lion. Ouch!


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