Thursday, March 16, 2017

Chatting about #MattersMicrobial on the University of Puget Sound podcast

Given the state of our short attention span/bumper sticker mentality society, I have long been concerned with the way that microbiology is portrayed in the media.  We need far, far better #MicrobialPR.

Microbes are not #DevilMicrobes, always causing disease and bad things.  

Microbes are not #AngelMicrobes, who can solve all problems.

So what are microbes?  First evolved.  Last extinct.  Basis of the biosphere.  When you put aside the natural human-centric narcissism from which we all suffer, you can see that ours is truly a microbial planet.

So I was delighted to have a chance to talk a bit about #MattersMicrobial with the University of Puget Sound "What We Do" podcast.   It is a nice production that showcases great stories from our campus.

I am including the link to my podcast on Soundcloud (click here), and you can also find it on iTunes.

I am no Jack Gilbert, Seth Bordenstein, or Jonathan Eisen. But I adore the microbial world, and telling students about its depth, breadth, and wonders.

Plus I have a perfect face for radio!

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