Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Microbial Holidays!

It's been a semester with a veritable roller coaster of ups and downs, both personal and professional.  But honestly, I am more lucky than not.  I hope that each of you can say the same.

I'm in the process of writing two posts about my wonderful Microbiology students this past Fall semester (wait until you see their "creative extra credit" assignments!), but I am (as usual) behind schedule.

Since it is Christmas Eve as I write this post from an airport, in between several flights to visit faraway family, may I offer every one of you my best wishes for a Merry Microbial Holiday season?

Many, many thanks to my lovely and talented and brilliant wife Dr. Jennifer Jean Quinn for putting this video together a couple of years ago from a series of photos I took.  Of course I have bioluminescent ornaments for my "Microbial Luxmas Tree™"!

More later!  I cannot wait to learn about what new and exciting microbial discoveries await in the New Year!


  1. You've just given me a story idea, though alas, it does not go well for your state.

    Be of good cheer, though. You will survive live long enough to tell the hero how it all started before you bravely sacrifice yourself, slowing down the nightmare phosphorescent destructive menace you created/discovered/released.

    Your gallant loss will provide just enough time for the hero to finish activating the MacGuffin you built, but were just barely unable to detonate/energize/pour, and Miss Love-Interest will be saved.

  2. Well, that's what I get, I suppose. At least MLI survives. Have fun writing!


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