Monday, November 12, 2012

Honoring Those "Microbial Vests"!

I fully admit it:  I am obsessive about microbial supremacy.  After all, that is sort of my laboratory motto:

Anyway, for years I have been buying scarves and neckties from the great people at "Infectious Awareables."  At several American Society for Microbiology meetings over the years, I have been able to speak to Dr. Roger Freeman and his lovely wife Felice Freeman (the owners of Infectious Awareables) several times.  I would buy microbially themed neckties and have my students sign them with marking pens as souvenirs of their taking my class...and then there were those microbially themed vests!

Both of the Freemans always loved the microbial vests that my mother made for me over the years, using their scarves as material.  They were saddened when my mother passed away in October of this year, after her long and courageous battle with ovarian cancer.

So I was touched when Dr. Freeman asked to write a few words about my mother and those vests of hers to be published in their newsletter here.

My mother was "psychologically Amish," and was uncomfortable with praise.  But her vests---and her life---merit that praise.  Rest well, Mom.  You fought a tough battle, and now can rest.

I will tell your story to anyone who sees one of your vests.  And so will Dr. Freeman, I'll bet!  My family and I are very grateful for your kind words.

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