Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Students Impressions of "Microbiology" on the First Day of Class

I'm very fortunate to be able to teach microbiology every Fall semester at the University of Puget Sound---eleven years now!  I mostly have juniors and seniors, and there is only one microbiology course available.  Mine.

These are some serious microbiological shoes to fill.

I do my best to present to students the wild ferment (sorry about that) of near daily changes in the microbial sciences.  It's such fun to tell students, pretty much every day, something new and exciting that was not known five or ten years ago.

Anyway, I thought you might enjoy hearing what my budding micronauts think of the term "microbiology" on the first day of class.  

Truly, I am fortunate to have students like these, and more fortunate still to have such a wonderful job.  I'll remind myself of this when I am locked into Grading Jail later in the semester.

I am lucky.

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