Sunday, October 11, 2015

How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Become a Microbial Supremacist

It has been quite a semester so far, but I continue to implacably swim against the current!  Interesting topics in the classroom, fun experiments in my laboratory, and great students---these things keep me moving forward!

In this third installment of "u-Tube," I discuss how I was first called a "microbial supremacist" by colleagues, and then came to embrace the title with pride.

I also show some of the #MicrobialArtwork that I have used to attempt to entice prospective Micronauts to the One True Microbiologist Faith™ in my classes.

Seriously, I love all fields of biology (and we all have much to teach one another).  But I do adore microbiology.  I suspect it shows.

I hope you like this installment. I have no idea if this approach is a good one, but I will continue! 

Thanks as usual to my wife Jennifer Quinn for encouraging me to continue this series (as well as creating art and video) as well as my loyal electronic friend Kaitlin Reiss, microbiological artist extraordinaire.

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